Things You Need To Know About General Dentistry

If you have young children in the family, it is best to start teaching them the health-promoting habits of oral care. Once they developed these beneficial habits, there is a huge chance that they may continue doing them until they grow old. A general dentist offers the following:

1. Preventative Services

The services include oral prophylaxis, dental check-up, and X-rays that can help your dentist determine the problem, and prevent it from causing more problems.

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What Is Non-conscious Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is the process of administering medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. There are two types of sedation, conscious and non-conscious. Based on the drug delivery method, conscious sedation may be classified as inhalation, oral, intravenous, and intramuscular sedation.

For inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide is used as the sedative. It is the most common technique used by dentists.

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What Is Malocclusion?

In adults, malocclusion is usually treatable with a cosmetic procedure, which can help align the teeth. Braces are commonly used for teeth alignment issues while jaw surgery is required if the malocclusion case is severe.

In both cases, children and adults will need to wear retainers after the treatment period. The retainers are used to ensure that the teeth do not drift back to their previous positions.

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