Learn 9 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Stop Doing

Of course you know how crucial it is to maintain your oral health. Then again, just how frequently do you honestly floss your teeth? Your dentist knows more than you think when you look in your mouth. Keep reading to learn 9 different things most dentists would love to see you stop doing anymore.

1) Fibbing About Flossing:

Dentists pay quite a bit of money for their schooling as they learn how to assess oral health. So, when a patient says they’re flossing every day, when they really only did it the last couple of days, they know. It’s better for everyone to be honest. If you’re not flossing, and especially if you just don’t know the right way to do it, they’re here to help.

2) Using Hard-Bristle Toothbrushes:

Using a hard brush isn’t great. Using one with excessive pressure is even worse. You might risk recession and even brushing off some of your enamel. Use only soft bristles to maintain the health of your gums and teeth.

3) Avoid Using Manual Brushes Too:

Electric toothbrushes let you enjoy consistent brushing. Using a manual toothbrush can mean over-brushing particular areas while totally missing others. Also, electric toothbrushes typically have 2-minute timers in-built so you know you cover everything long enough.

4) Don’t Use Whitening Kits At Home:

Cosmetic dentists warn that DIY whitening kits usually don’t work at much, or at all. Crest Whitestrips might be a notable exception, but even that product has limitations, such as getting areas between the teeth white. That can leave dark stains leftover in those areas, but DIY kits also risk substantial damage. Bleaching teeth with OTC products can mean sensitive teeth, gum irritation leading to recession, and even thinning enamel. If you want a smile full of white shining teeth, see your dentist instead.

5) Using Weird Fads Instead Of Regular Toothpaste:

Oil pulling is trendy, but it’s also not scientifically proven to accomplish anything. Charcoal powder is another growing trend, but it’s also hardly regulated and overly abrasive, powerful enough to strip off your tooth enamel.

6) Don’t Chew On Hard Objects:

Not ice, not pens, not even acrylic fingernails. And please never use teeth to open something.

7) Don’t Drink Lemon Or Lime:

Yes, plain water isn’t just tedious, but boring. A little lemon or lime adds some taste, but it also has acid that makes teeth decay, gives you bad breath and gum disease, and damages your enamel.

8) Failing To Take Prescription Antibiotics When Directed To Do So:

A normal prescription might have you take a prescription tablet every 6 or 8 hours for a set number of days. If you want to irritate your dentist (which you hopefully never want to), then just take your pills until you start feeling better. Failing to finish the whole course might suppress the infection without actually totally eliminating the bacteria. Follow your full dentist’s instructions to the letter each and every time.

9) Don’t Freak Out Your Kids:

Many child patients might be doing fine at the dentist office until they notice their parent is getting nervous. Some parents even warn their kids about potential pain. Dentists should be the only authority in their own office, and parents commonly intrude on that.

It’s understandable if you want your kid to trust you and get through a scary experience if they have some warning about the bad parts, but it also makes life miserable for the dentist trying to help your kid’s oral health. At best, it makes the dental visit worse for everyone. At worst, it can actually impair your child’s oral health. If your looking for a dentist in the lambton county area, view a top 10 list here: https://www.sarnialiving.com/best-dentists-sarnia-on/